High-throughput structural modeling and analysis for
immune cell sequences

The repertoire of immune cell receptors has direct consequences for resistance to infection, autoimmune disease and cancer.

KOTAI’s platform technology can reveal the structure and function of immune cell receptors with unprecedented resolution from a routine blood sample.

Our vision is to provide technology that reveals the functional state of the immune system at the molecular level.

One mL of human blood contains
millions of immune cells


The only high-throughput structural modeling and analysis platform
for immune cell sequences.

  • ACCURACYOur B and T cell receptor modeling technology is the most accurate available. Typical errors for backbone residues is less than 1 Angstrom.
  • SPEEDThe current version of Repertoire Builder produces 1,000 models per day on a single processor, and scales linearly with the number of processors.
  • SOPHISTICATIONUsing sequence and structural features from B or T cell receptor models, Repertoire Builder can group receptors according to their target epitopes, revealing the functional landscape of a donor and quantifying differences between donors.


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