Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Purpose of clinical research

There are various types of research, such as experiments using animals and those using artificially synthesized substances such as proteins, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Among them, “clinical research” is research that involves patients participating in research. The human body is different from other animals, differs among patients. For this reason, clinical research that involves the participation of patients is absolutely necessary for the diagnosis of diseases and the development of new drugs.

Based on the latest information analysis technology, we aim to find treatment and diagnostic methods directly from the data obtained from patients. As a result, we believe that we can develop faster and more effectively than conventional treatment and diagnostic methods. However, the understanding and cooperation of more patients is essential for realizing this.
We hope you will understand the purpose of our clinical research and participate.

Approach to Clinical Research

In the past, the development of diagnostic methods and treatments has often been promoted by doctors and pharmaceutical companies considering their medical needs, but in the future, patients will be involved from an early stage of development. We think it is becoming more and more important to have a direct understanding of the needs and challenges we face. We hope that by conducting questionnaires or directly speaking to patients on clinical research, we will be able to establish a development policy that will be more useful to patients, which will ultimately benefit patients. Please tell us about your disease.

Clinical research is not possible without the understanding and cooperation of the patient. Research often involves providing patients with physical burdens and personal information, such as blood collection, providing surgical specimens, and providing medical data. We are fully aware of these burdens and the importance of the information provided

All clinical researches are conducted with the examination and approval of the Institutional Review Board in accordance with guidelines related to clinical research established by the government. In addition, patients’ participation in clinical research and provision of samples and information is only possible after patients’ consent of the doctor’s explanations such as samples to be provided, management system and usage of information and disadvantages anticipated from participating in clinical research. It will not take place without the patient’s consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Samples and information will not be used for research upon withdrawal.

Samples and information may be reused in other clinical research in the future. In that case, we will notify the patient directly or in a way like through website that is easy to access. In that case, the patient can freely choose to accept or disagree, and can also withdraw consent.