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Department R&D Department
Job Openings

We are looking for researchers as we expand our business. We would like to recruit two bioinformatics researchers who develop and analyze algorithms related to immune repertoire and structural bioinformatics.

It is essential to collaborate with people with different backgrounds and cultures in KOTAI. We consider that the skills such as teamwork and communication are quite important for our recruitment.

Job descriptions (details of work, subjects in charge, research fields, etc)
Bioinformatics analysis methods, especially the development and alalysis of algorithms as below:

  1. Development of structural bioinformatics algorithms (Protein modeling and docking, prediction of binding site, molecules dynamics, etc.)
  2. Integration of structure and array information
  3. Integration and analysis of data from different experiments
Number of Recruitment

2 researchers
Qualification to Apply Assistant professor equivalent or postdoctoral researcher
Type of work Full-time, Non-fixed term employment
Place of work Suita, Osaka
Skills required

Mandatory requirements:

  1. Ability to plan and carry out research independently
  2. Ability for development and coding of new algorithm
  3. Knowledge of Mathematics: Statistics and other knowledge of mathematics at the faculty of science and technology
  4. Experience of machine learning and data mining
  5. Programming skills such as Perl/Python/R/SQL in Linux environments but not all of them.
  6. English communication skills
    7.Interest in fusion research, immunology, and medicine

Condition desired:

  1. Experience in Bioinformatics
  2. Knowledge of biology and immunology
  3. Ph., D.

Applicants from different fields who wish to make use of their previous experience in the fields of physics, chemistry, informatics, etc.

Salary and the other conditions
  • Salary:
    6 to 12 million yen, based on the experience and ability of the applicant
  • Type of employment:
    Non-fixed term employment or fixed-term employment with contract
    Discretionary labor system (40 hours per week plus extra wages for 16 hours of holiday work in a month)
  • Holidays:
    Statutory holidays and holidays stipulated in our rules of employment (120 days or more per year)
  • Period of employment:
    Non-fixed employment (Full-time employment) and fixed employment (employment with contract)
  • Insurance, etc:
    Full social insurance available

Recruitment flow and contact

How to apply

Please send us by mail or email your resume, job history, achievement list and the names and contact information of at least two people to whom we can ask about you. We will not return the documents which we have received from you. We will discard them responsibly.

Selection details

Document screening and interviews are made. You will be asked to explain your current duties and research at the interviews. The results of the selection will be notified by email or telephone.


KOTAI Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Person in charge of recruitment

Phone: 06-6170-5267