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Department R&D Department
Job Openings

Our business has been expanding along with collaborations/alliances with pharmaceutical/diagnostic companies, academia and national institutions (such as NIID, NCC Japan, and Kyoto University).

For our further growth, we are looking for a bioinformatics researcher in charge of single-cell analysis, T and B cell receptor (immune repertoire) analysis as collaborative research and service. This position requires a level of knowledge and understanding that allows for smooth interaction with experimental and clinical researchers from industry, academia, etc. We welcome applications from researchers with enthusiasm to contribute to society by developing new therapies and biomarkers through the development of cutting-edge bioinformatics technologies.

At KOTAI, it is essential to collaborate with people who have different backgrounds, cultures, and so on. We emphasize teamwork and communication skills in hiring. The scientific communications in the company are conducted in English.

Job Description
  1. Collaborative research and provision of services using bioinformatics analysis(single-cell RNA-seq, immune repertoire, spatial transcriptomics, etc.).
  2. Development of bioinformatics algorithms combined with high-throughput experimental data such as next-generation sequencing.
  3. Construction of other bioinformatics informatics analysis pipelines linked to high-throughput experimental systems.
Number of Recruitment

1 bioinformatician
Qualification to Apply Master or above
Job Contract Period Full-time, Fixed-Term employment
Work Location Suita, Osaka (Google Map URL)
Job Requirements Minimum Requirements
  1. At least three publications of collaborative research with experimental researchers (e.g., interdisciplinary research, clinical research)
  2. Experience in next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis (RNA-seq is a must)
  3. Programming skills in Python/R/SQL, etc. (not all skills are required, but the applicant must be able to implement pipelines on their own)
  4. Mathematical background: knowledge of statistics and other mathematics (science and engineering undergraduate level)
  5. At least three years of experience as a researcher
  6. Ability to communicate in English
  7. Ability to communicate with experimental researchers
Preferred Qualifications
  1. Research experience using single-cell analysis (10x, Rhapsody, etc.)
  2. Collaborative research experience in the field of immunology
  3. Knowledge of immunology
  4. Ability to plan and carry out independent research in the field of bioinformatics (at least one first-author paper or equivalent in the field)
  5. Experience of machine learning and data mining of biological data (p>>n problem)
  6. Experience of wet experiments (in vitro assays)
  7. PhD degree
Annual Salary 4 to 7 million yen, based on the experience and ability of the applicant
Other Conditions
  • Type of employment:
    Non-fixed term employment or fixed-term employment with contract
    Discretionary labor system (40 hours per week plus extra wages for 16 hours of holiday work in a month)
  • Holidays:
    Statutory holidays and holidays stipulated in our rules of employment (120 days or more per year)
  • Period of employment:
    Non-fixed employment (Full-time employment) and fixed employment (employment with contract)
  • Insurance, etc:
    Full social insurance available

Recruitment flow and contact

How to apply

Please send us by mail or email your resume, job history, achievement list and the names and contact information of at least two people to whom we can ask about you. We will not return the documents which we have received from you. We will discard them responsibly.

Selection details

Document screening and interviews are made. You will be asked to explain your current duties and research at the interviews. The results of the selection will be notified by email or telephone.


KOTAI Biotechnologies, Inc.
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